Anybody interested in exchange the teeth libraries

Discussion in 'exocad' started by Midhun vt, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Tan

    Tan New Member

    Would anyone be so kind as to share with me some tooth library? Anything helps. I just started a new lab that is mainly 3shape. I'm the only exocad guy so everything is pretty basic. Would really appreciate it.
  2. Vasyl

    Vasyl Well-Known Member

    First we search for libraries, then we rejoice out of the number, and then we use one, for example Ashortia))
  3. EVANDRO junior jota

    EVANDRO junior jota New Member

    você pode passar para o JRFOLHA @ HOTMAIL.COM
  4. Midhun vt

    Midhun vt New Member
  5. CIMT19

    CIMT19 New Member

    Can you send me teeth library to
    Thank You...
  6. Leonidas

    Leonidas New Member

  7. xwathyx

    xwathyx New Member

  8. smtlsi

    smtlsi New Member

    Hello guys, can someone be so kind to send me some teeth library! Thanks in advance!
  9. CIMT19

    CIMT19 New Member

    hello you want to exchange
  10. 2oothguy

    2oothguy New Member

    Well if anyone has anything different than stock exocad then I would like to have something different if someone is sharing. Thank You!!!
  11. PatrickLabas

    PatrickLabas New Member

    Hey guys! I'm not new to Exo though still on basic tooth libraries so if anyone would like to share any libraries it would be amazing! Thanks in advance! Email to

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