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  1. RytisJan

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    Hello experts, could someone please help me and guide me what should i do now to be able to redo reference of my axes? z axis stuck in the middle of tool changing action and following error occurred.

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  2. Art

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    This error could be caused by a lot of different reasons.
    First try ro switch off the machine and move Z axis by hands via rotating belt on the driver.
    Check limit switch of Z axis.
    Go to service mode an try to do reference there.
  3. leshi

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    Next time.

    - Turn off the air so that the lid of the tool magazine does not close. Just unplug the hose from the machine.
    - Click reset errors
    - Click the reference
    - Turn the air back on

    Send a request to technical support to analyze this situation. Do not close the Remote program before connecting to you, so as not to clear the error history.

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