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Discussion in 'exocad' started by Tito, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Tito

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    Hey guys! I have a the partial cad system requirements says that the partial cad module only work with nvidia GTX ir and Radeon.
    I want to build a PC and i woukd like to buy a rtx graphic card. Does it work ? And can i buy a zotac or msi graphic card? Or only NVIDIA?. Thanks in advance
  2. adipas

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    Special graphics card requirements for PartialCAD

    • The software will work with Nvidia GTX and AMD Radeon series graphics cards only.
    • A minimum of 2GB graphics memory is required (3GB preferred). A minimum CUDA level of 3.0 or OpenCL 1.2 is also required. (see list of CUDA levels of different graphics cards).
    • Older or entry-level Nvidia chips might not work well, or will result in poor performance.
    • Intel integrated graphics chips are not supported for PartialCAD.
  3. Tito

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    But i know a lab who uses NVIDIA quadro and partial cad works. And the msi cards use NVIDIA gpu.The module only needs the gpu? Or the whole card has to BE NVIDIA?
  4. 2thm8kr

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    99% sure it doesn't matter if NVIDIA brand or not for partial CAD. I use Asus and MSI versions of NVIDIA graphics cards with all other exocad modules. Partial CAD is different animal than exocad since it was adapted to work within exocad. Lots of beta and testing for debugging and optimization before it was officially released. Architecture and chip set are what is important would be my guess. However, I don't use the partial module anymore since it's out of beta.
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