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Discussion in 'exocad' started by Eleni P., Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Eleni P.

    Eleni P. New Member

    I also tried loading your edited file either in the rotated jaw (that you also edited) or to a new model I created. This time I got a different message. message2.jpg
  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Most of us are using Valletta, the newest version.

    I think you have old version, and maybe do not have the tag needed to allow attachments to any mesh.

    Chain-mode you can scale One single tooth and still remain in Chain mode also.

    In the end, you do not want teeth overlapping each other. Do you understand what I am saying?
    Your original design did not follow my rules man. (or Woman)
  3. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson


    When you have public facebook account with your photos then they are no longer "personal and private" files.

    OK? I post pics of me too. So what?

    Yes, I prefer to know who I am dealing with.

    I am trying to help you and I think I answered your question about why it is not working.

    I think you are trying to add attachment in the CAD app......NOT the Model Creator.

    I spent time to post pics of the difference already. (Your welcome!)

    As you found out, you cannot add attachment to model in the CADapp.

    Do you have any other questions? Do you see what you did wrong?

  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Maybe I am getting this thread and another mixed-up?

    Are you in Model Creator when trying to add your saved files as attachment?

    Or you are trying in the CADapp scene?
  5. Eleni P.

    Eleni P. New Member

    I am in Model Creator and I am trying to add the saved files as an attachment to the Model. NOT in the CADapp. Even the Exocad representative has no idea why this is happening, and he checked it out himself using Valletta. Nothing happened there either.
  6. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Let me see. We are exocad resellers for Seven years.

    I have employees and myself that want to see this and try something please.

    Send me teamviewer numbers in private message?
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  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Something is not right with your exocad then.

    Easy to see and check.

    Who you worked with? Michael? Tillmann? Maik? Other?
  8. joshuaCAD/CAM

    joshuaCAD/CAM Moderator Staff Member

    If you want to solid you model with your ponticdesign just add the model to you bridge via freeform merged parts and activate allow any changes. I also notice some fails while trieng merging the pontic to my models if you flip and add the model to your merged bridge its works pretty good. Just give it a try....
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  9. Michael2

    Michael2 New Member

    Sorry for the question, new here. I am wondering if there is a video of how to create a diagnostic model from preop scans? Where could i find that? I also wish to use that to make eggshell provisionals, mind you it is a full mouth reconstruction with VD opening 4.5mm anterior. I also want to print the provisionals and would like to have a palatal seating guide. I have read through some just started, recognize lots of names. I know there's many here that can do this in under an hour, I'm not one, but want to be. I have plenty of years with EXOCAD, just got Matera and want to fully utilize it and Nextdent 5100
  10. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

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  11. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    This question is asked 10x daily for long time on exocad experts facebook group, and so many times here as well.
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  12. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

  13. Michael2

    Michael2 New Member

    I checked the videos out and they seem to be using design? The one part I did not catch was the attachment step when he merged the teeth(facials) to the jaw scan. It also seemed some of the old tooth was still visible when waxup was complete? I am going to try today, is there any videos of a full mouth? I get I can design all and save as stl, then import into provisionals design, but what to match then? Have to pick palatal spots to match the models together? Thanks Again!
  14. Mazve

    Mazve Member

    There are plenty of videos and you can find some on youtube with full mouth, you save every single tooth as plain stl then import jaw scan and merge the stl files you saved as attachments and yes the old tooth might still be visible after wax up is complete, you should easily be able to match it just save them in the same position and it should find the matching spots automatically
  15. Michael2

    Michael2 New Member

    Ok so here we go again, if the videos are there, I would appreciate as I have fought this for a week or more. First if I want to open vertical dimension, is it best to do this analog and scan in bite that way? I used the virtual articulator and then proceeded to remove all the uppers.(is this where you mean to save as plain .stl each tooth?) Then reimport to proper position and manipulate to create diagnostic? I am trying to rehab full mouth with diagnostics and shell temps for anteriors with onlays to maintain vertical in posterior. If anyone has a video of this process, preferably in english, I would be grateful. I have Matera and have used EXOCAD for 7 years but just bought all the modules to do this. Thanks in advance.

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