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Discussion in '3D Scanners' started by L_D, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. L_D

    L_D Member

    I bought an used Procera Forte , but the problem is I don't have the software to make it work (stupid me! the seller didn't mention the software and I didn't ask...)

    Anyone can help?
  2. Wilde.Dental

    Wilde.Dental New Member

    I have the Biocare Procera Software Version 2.1 Build 215 and the incise CAD Version
    PM me your email and I give you the link to download
    But I think to use the Scanner you might need a Noble Biocare Account or you must contact the Company "Schütz Dental" in Germany. They have currently the Licence to sell and support the Procera Forte / Incice DS10 Scanner build from Renishaw. As far as I know.
    If you use ExoCad they will help you to integrate the scanner to your system - for money of course...
    and you need a new needle kit...
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  3. L_D

    L_D Member

    Thank you very much. You have my PM-
  4. joshuaCAD/CAM

    joshuaCAD/CAM Moderator Staff Member

    Exactly, I'm working for Schütz.
    The Integration of the F40 and DS 10 is easy with exoscan.
    Noble have deactivated their servers, thats what I have heared.
    If you find someone who can give you the incise scan software from renishaw it could work too.

    Not me, I'm not allowed to share, sorry.

    I really recommend exoscan/exocad.
    At the moment I'm trying to work with exocad at a new scanworkflow to make it easier, I guess I'm the only one...
    Renishaw's technicians who did that all are working in the industrial part of renishaw.
    We also provide integrations to almost any exo supplier, just ZZ and AG dont really want it.
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  5. matze

    matze New Member

    Hey there,

    i have a used procera forte and i don't get it to work with incise. What can i do? I have generic 2.15 version. Incise:

    Best wishes


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  6. Abhinav001

    Abhinav001 New Member


    I am looking for the software of the procera forte 3D scanner. If you still have the software please let me know. My contact details
  7. ton lemmen

    ton lemmen New Member

    I'm looking voor the cadsoftware to get the procera forte 3D running
    Please send me a mail at


  8. Attila Gergely

    Attila Gergely New Member

    Hi Members

    I am in the same boat with my forte as the above members and I also have a piccolo. Would be so cool if I could get them to work .I work at Unimelb the students would get a real kick out of it .Please send me the link for the Biocare Procera Software Version 2.1 Build 215 and the incise CAD Version if anyone has it .My email is .Thanks in advance :).Kind regards

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